Tiny Features, In Release — yet another #prodMgmt parody song lyric

Dean Peters
2 min readSep 15, 2019


Yet another #prodMgmt song parody, this one inspired by both the practice of trunk-based development, and the song ‘Tiny Bubbles’ by Don Ho.

And similar to other song parodies of mine, I sang the first verse of this as my own intro to my recent presentation on ‘Using Experimentation to Deliver Value at Supersonic Speeds’ at #Pendomonium19 and then later at an Agile RTP Speed-rounds Meetup here in Raleigh.

It was not only a great way to introduce my concept of ‘Tiny Acts of Discovery’ … but the tune was catchy enough that the audience asked me to sing it at the end of my talk. How is that for validation through experimentation?!

Verse 1

Tiny features
In release
Make me happy
Puts my team at ease

Tiny features
That delight our users
With value propositions
Validated in production every time.

Verse 2

So here’s to the feature flag
And here’s to analytics tags
And mostly here’s a toast
to’testing A and B

So here’s to hypotheses
I give to you today
And here’s points of data
That will not fade away

Verse is sung while Audience Sings Verse 1

Testable and causal
Falsifiable and simple
Built on short-lived branches
Released rapidly yet safely

That last verse sung with the audience is basically testing jargon replacing what Don Ho (and in one case Dean Martin) sang in Hawaiian. My own feeling is that while a parody, it’s still more appropriate to use the language of experimentation.

Want to read up more on the topics inspiring this song? Here are a few useful URLs:

And yes, while I work on my upcoming podcast launch, you can be sure we’re going to record this one.




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